Nov 8, 2014

Visit Syracuse and Dinomania

John and I have been tourists in many cities in the United States and many foreign countries but we had never been a tourist in Syracuse. Sometimes that which is closest to us becomes the most overlooked.  Of course, we go to Syracuse to shop and go to the doctors but never as a tourist. We packed out bags and set out to explore
Syracuse.  We decided to stay at the Genesee Grande, which is, indeed, grand.  I loved all the unique items in the lobby: the beautifully inlaid table topped with flowers, the chandeliers with Tiffany glass, the “peanut” chairs designed to make using the cell phone more private, the koi fish, and the two “guardian” lion, just to mention a few neat points

Our first stop was The MOST, but when we parked and saw the Creek Walk and the sun was shining we decided to take a short jaunt along the creek.  The walk goes all the way from the MOST to Onondaga Lake.  We stopped at Point of Contact art gallery where the work of Gwenn Thomas on display then headed to the MOST.

John and I remember when the Syracuse science museum was
housed in a store front. The last time I was at the MOST was with 200 seventh graders so it was like visiting the museum for the first time. Their popular Dinomania exhibit is excellent.  In fact it was so good that one little girl didn’t want to continue on when she heard the critters roar but she was coaxed to continue and ended up making friends with the dinosaurs. I saw her
sitting on a Triceratops. I think most people are intrigued by the thought that 65 million years ago these behemoths ruled the world. There is an IMAX, “T-REX: Back to the Cretaceous” but we went to “Island of Lemurs: Madagascar” because I have always wanted to go to Madagascar and it will probably never happen. Lemurs are fascinating and incredible leapers hence the phrase “Leaping Lemurs.” 

One of the great things about the Permanent Exhibits is that there is something for everyone. Learning is fun. John had to be dragged away from “Energy: Powering Our Future” while I felt compelled to try to all the interactive displays. The man who created “Toothpick World” has more patience than anyone I have ever met. Take note we have been to all the sites he created but one.  I was fascinated with the presentation in the Earth Science: Discovery Cave. I loved watching the small children be amazed by science.  The gift shop is a great place to buy gifts for children. 

After leaving the MOST we walked up a block and had dinner at the Empire Brewing Company.  Located below street level in one of the re-purposed buildings of the revitalized Armory Square, the Empire Brewing Company had a fun speakeasy ambiance. The food was excellent and so were the brews.  I was glad we went directly after the MOST closed because
even though it was mid-week it quickly filled with patrons. We returned to the Genesee Grande and relaxed in their lounge before heading to our room. Being a tourist in Syracuse was wonderful.  Because we may have visited the MOST but we would never have taken the time to meander down the Creek Walk, visit Contact Point, and would never have dined at Empire Brewing Company.