Oct 9, 2017

New York's Haunted Trail

New York State has published an extensive “Haunted History Trail” brochure. There are several places in Oswego County on the list. There are two in Mexico – Starr Clark Tin Shop and Underground Railroad Museum, and Casey’s Cottage at Mexico Point Park. Both are only open with prior reservations. 

Casey’s Cottage, designed by Dr. William Casey, a Columbia University professor spent his summers turning the carriage house at Mexico Point into an 11th century manor house.
After his death in 1978 visitors reported hearing faint organ music, cries for help, candles jumping off the shelves, and other unusual phenomena. The Starr Clark and URR Museum on Main Street in Mexico was a “station” on the Underground Railroad and paranormal investigators have reported seeing shadows, hearing voices, and other unique experiences. Fort
Ontario built on the ruins of three earlier fortresses dates back to the French and Indian Wars. Hundreds of soldiers and civilians died on the site which may explain the paranormal activity people have reported including strange lights and music, a child calling for his cat, and apparitions in the nearby cemetery. 

It doesn’t have to be October to explore haunted places. The “spirits” do not take a vacation. All three of the places have special investigations scheduled throughout the year by the Paranormal Investigative Team of Central New York, PIT CRU NY for short. All the places on the list are historic and great places to visit any time of the year.

There are many places open year round. Thompson Park in
Watertown is home to a Frederick Law Olmstead-designed park that is said to contain a time vortex that transports those who discover it to another portion of the park.  People who have witnessed the phenomenon say the location seems to move within the park. Utica’s beautiful Union Station, built in 1914, is reported to be haunted by those who died accidentally along the railways. Witnesses report ghost lights moving along the tracks, phantom passengers, and late at night
hearing haunting sounds of tragedy echoing throughout the station. The Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse is located in the last remaining Weighlock Building. It is said to be home to several ghosts including a group of see-through children playing in the courtyard, a woman who was killed on the site where the replica of a canal boat is located, and two men arguing. Also, Syracuse’s beautiful, ornate Landmark Theater had reports of haunting soon after it opened in 1928 including that of Clarissa who fell to her death from a balcony in 1930.

One of the most touted haunted places in New York State is the
Genesee County Poor House in East Bethany. It is rated as the second most haunted site in the United States.  The offer a variety of experiences including one called “Quarantined” - a nine hour private hunt that includes a guided tour.

For the fearless there are several haunted inns and hotels that welcome overnight guests including the Oneida Community Mansion House in Oneida, Cazenovia’s Brea Lock Inn and Allegiance B&B in Mount Morris. Not up to sleeping with the spirits then consider dining at the Wayside Irish Pubs in Elbridge or Cobleskill’s Bull’s Head Inn. Some locations such as Split Rock Quarry and Spook Hill are just creepy. There are many haunted places scattered throughout NYS and a variety of blogs to keep “hunters’ intrigued.