Nov 19, 2018

Aruba getaway

The small island of Aruba in the southern Caribbean Sea is only 18 miles from the north coast of Venezuela. With sandy beaches, cooling trade winds, and friendly people the island is dubbed “One Happy Island.” Aruba is considered one of the safest Caribbean destinations. Aruba is blessed with great weather year-round. It is already a favorite of Central New Yorkers. There are sometimes reasonable flights, too. 

1. Beaches: Aruba’s Arashi Beach is on the list of top beaches in the world.  Some in front of a hotel but all of Aruba’s beaches are public. Some are busy but there are also vast stretches that are virtually unvisited. They are all clean with some having chairs, lounges, and palapas that can be rented for the day. 
2. Shopping: Aruba’s capital city of Oranjestad is a popular
cruise port so shopping is assured. There are high-end shops featuring everything from watches and diamonds to a flea market with popular fun-in-the-sun garments and toys. Plus there are grocery markets offering everything you would expect to find in the United States.
3. Land tours: The best way to explore the island is on a half-day or all-day tour such as those offered by ABC Jeep Tours. Tours are available to a natural pool, the lighthouse, caves with petroglyphs and other iconic sites.  There are private tours and the fun-filled Kukoo Kunuku Bus where they also have dinner and pub crawl tours. 
4. Water tours: Water, water, water everywhere.  Go scuba diving
and snorkeling. A German freighter wreck and other wrecks are just offshore. Enjoy deep sea fishing for marlin, and wahoo. If you don’t want to get wet head 130 feet under the Caribbean Sea on the Atlantis Submarine.  Pelican Tours offers a variety of experiences including their popular Sunset Cruise.
5. Catch the wind: Every day is a day with wind making Aruba the perfect place for sailing on a catamaran with Red Sea Sports. If you bring your own sailboat, not to worry, there are several places to dock your craft for a night or more.  Aruba Active Vacation offers landsailing and windsurfing. 
6. Dining: There is every kind of dining from fast food places
like Wendy’s to romantic private dining on the beach. There are restaurants that offer a variety of food but visitors should try some of the Aruban specialties. Waka Waka is a jungle-themed restaurant that serves a variety of food including Aruban specialties, such as Cabrito Stoba.
7. Historical: Visit the Aruban Historical Museum in the capital to learn about the island’s history, political development, and the island’s unique nature. The archeological museum has Indian artifacts dating back 2500 BC.  The most visited historical site is the Alto Vista Chapel, which is included on most island tours. 
8. Festivals and more: There are a variety of events throughout the year including some that celebrate national holidays and others that promote local traditions. Events range from fireworks on New Year’s Day to Carnival in February to a music festival in May. 
9. Getting around: The bus is one of the easiest ways to get around. There are also unmetered taxis; rates are fixed and should be confirmed in advance. Aruba is so small renting a car is stress free as long as one stays on the paved roads. 

10. Accommodations:  Truly there is an accommodation to suit the need of every visitor from condo rentals to resorts to bed and breakfasts.