Jul 22, 2019

Have a thrilling summer

Looking for thrills and chills.  There is a perfect place nearby for
every level of thrill seeker including roller coasters, extreme water slides, white water rafting, and sky diving.  Pick your summer thrills.

Seabreeze Amusement Park in Rochester, which opened in 1879, is the 4th oldest amusement park in the country.
Those first visitors, even in their wildest imagination, could never envision Seabreeze’s The Helix. Take a friend, or go alone – if you dare! From the top of the 45-foot high slide, alone or tandem, whoosh through the pipe on an inner tube to the giant fiberglass bowl and into the vortex. Then hop over to the Rabbit built in 1920 making it the third oldest operating coaster in the country. The wooden coaster has over 2000 feet of track with a 75-foot drop, plus exciting curves and dips before ending in a dark tunnel. 

Hear the thunder! Feel the rush! Try extreme body sliding at
Thunder Island, a small family-owned park in Fulton. The newest slides to the park are two enclosed body flumes. Adventure Blackwater Sliding is what Pro-slide Technology calls the most popular body flumes to date. One is 32' of drop in total darkness combined with speed, rapid twists and turns or the longest 380' long starting from high on top of the tallest tower and drops an amazing 60' in a long and enjoyable slide with the safe feeling of being up high and enclosed but seeing as you go thru the translucent 
If you are looking for more extreme water thrills check out whitewater rafting. There are many places to paddle into adventure. This Salmon River flows through the village of Pulaski with rapids like "Firemen's Field," "Washing Machine," "Titanic" and "The Black Hole." 

Several years ago I took my grandson rafting on the upper Hudson River.  It was supposed to be a Class 3 which is moderate but heavy rainfall made it Class 4+ which was a little more thrilling than I had in mind but it was exhilarating and really appreciated the calm areas between the rapids.  The Hudson River is a 17 mile wilderness rafting trip beginning on the Indian River and continuing through the Hudson River Gorge, with great whitewater and spectacular Adirondack scenery. It is the longest   stretch of whitewater in New York, considered the "Grand Daddy” of N.Y whitewater rivers.

 Looking for thrills in the air? Check out Skydive Central New York in Weedsport for unforgettable views of Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes. The offer Tandem Skydiving which is the easiest, safest, and by far the most popular way to make your first skydive. Securely attached to a highly qualified and licensed tandem instructors via a dual harness
system, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you will be able to jump… they will take care of that for you. They have a training class on exiting the aircraft, free-fall body position, and how to steer the parachute. You and your tandem instructor will exit the plane at 10,000 feet then accelerate to over 120 mph. After the parachute opens the instructor will be on hand to offer guidance as you fly the parachute together. That’s the way George Bush Sr. celebrated his 90th.  I won’t even consider it until I am 90.

There is also parasailing in the Lake George area. Check out rock climbing and repelling; there are places that offer lessons before heading to the out-of-doors.